TWT new associated partner of PlanQK

TWT GmbH Science & Innovation is specialised in technical-scientific transfer and especially transfers use cases of the automotive industry to quantum computers. At the interface of IT, engineering and mathematics, TWT works directly with customers and partners such as Mercedes Benz, Daimler Truck, BMW, Audi, Porsche, CARIAD, IBM, Bosch, ESA, Airbus and Samsung.

Dr. Dimitris Vartziotis,
founder and CEO of TWT, says: „We have defined quantum computing as a strategic topic for our company. Therefore, the partnership with PlanQK is of great importance to us. In creating an ecosystem for the practical use of quantum applications, we see a significant contribution to the faster application of these key technologies in a wide range of industries.

David Niehaus, PlanQK Community Manager comments as follows: The integration of TWT opens up new opportunities for PlanQK to expand the application areas of quantum computing. The combination of technological know-how, scientific expertise and experience in technology transfer promises groundbreaking innovations for the automotive industry and beyond.