Quanten computing for all: T-Systems offers access to European PlanQK-Platform

T-Systems and Anaqor AG now offer an easy way to get started with quantum technology. Both companies are thus making the future technology of quantum computing easy to use for business customers. Anaqor AG operates the leading platform in Europe for quantum computing algorithms and applications: PlanQK. Customers can access ready-made algorithms on this platform and integrate them into their own projects. In addition, a large number of open-source models are freely available. T-Systems brings access to real quantum computers and consulting services to the partnership.

Bildnachweis: Deutsche Telekom/ GettyImages/ blackdovfx; Montage: Evelyn Ebert Meneses

The PlanQK ecosystem consists of a large user and developer communityt hat unites start-ups, research organizations and industry. The platform offers companies an easy entry into quantum computing. All the building blocks of programming, consisting of algorithms and finished applications, can be obtained from the PlanQK community on an open-source basis or as commercial products. Through the partnership with Anaqor, T-Systems customers receive quantum applications and algorithms, consulting and computing power from a single source.

Both T-Systems Quantum Cloud and PlanQK customers can access the resources of the respective platform via the cloud. In addition, computing time can be booked in pay-as-you-go models or as a pre-booked bundle. T-Systems also provides support with training and consulting services. The offering ranges from one-day introductions to business case proofs-of-concept lasting several months.


An important step for Europe’s technological sovereignty

The cooperation between T-Systems and Anaqor AG is an important step towards technological sovereignty in Europe in the future technology of quantum computing. Customers can use the offer to expand their quantum expertise,d evelop new business models and prepare for a future with quantum computers –all along a sovereign, European value chain.


Enabling entry into a crucial future technology

PlanQK’s algorithm and implementation offering is the perfect complement to T-Systems‘ Quantum Cloud,” explains Adel Al-Saleh, Member of theBoard of Management of Deutsche Telekom and CEO of T-Systems. “We now offer access to ready-made quantum applications, coupled with consulting services from our experts and our targeted industry knowledge. We are thus making quantum computing accessible to all our customers and enabling European industry to adopt this crucial future technology.

David Niehaus, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Anaqor AG, says: “For us, the connection between PlanQK and the T-Systems Quantum Cloud is great news for all users and those with an interest in quantum computing. With T-Systems, we have gained a strong infrastructure partner for our vision of making quantum computing accessible to organizations of all sizes. In particular, the T-Systems approach of pay-as-you-go access to quantum hardware, coupled with the wealth of ideas and implementations provided by the PlanQK community, is a core element in realizing the potential of quantum computing.We are not only creating a direct connection between the users of our respective platforms, but also significantly strengthening the quantumecosystem to attract more users, together.


About quantum computing

Quantum computing draws on the fundamental laws of nature to carry out calculations using quantum bits — qubits. Unlike each bit on a classical computing system, which can represent either 1 or 0, qubits occupy a“superposition”, representing a probability distribution between 0 and 1. This allows for exploration of exponentially larger compute spaces, and gives quantum computers the potential to solve complex problems beyond the means of even the most powerful classical supercomputers.