PlanQK Virtual Fair

Exciting keynotes and breakout sessions on the progress of PlanQK and the possibilities of quantum-assisted artificial intelligence.

More than 130 associated partners and interested parties took the opportunity to learn about PlanQK and quantum-assisted artificial intelligence last Friday. They were welcomed by the consortium leader and scientific director, Andreas Liebing and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Frank Leymann, who presented the vision and progress of PlanQK. Afterwards, Dr. Matthias Rosenkranz from PlanQK’s associated partner Cambridge Quantum Computing gave a keynote on the fundamentals of Quantum Machine Learning.

During the fair, participants had the opportunity to attend one of four breakout sessions to engage in direct discussions with PlanQK partners on the application of quantum-assisted artificial intelligence. To this end, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft offered „Providers of Quantum Computing Solutions,“ an exciting roundtable talk by various hardware providers who presented their individual perspectives on the state of development and the resources that will soon be available. In parallel, self-help was offered in the breakout session „Discovering QKI potential yourself“ in which Accenture conveyed methods based on PlanQK results on how problems in companies can be examined for their QKI potential. The third breakout session, „Quantum Boost for Optimization – Current and Future Feasibility“, led by Deutsche Bahn, covered application examples that already demonstrate the use of quantum computing in the field of optimization, while d-fine and Frankfurt Consulting Engineers highlighted the longer-term potential of quantum computing in „What Does the Quantum Future Look Like?“.

Finally, the most important issues of each session were discussed by a large panel of experts in the forum. In addition to Andreas Liebing and Frank Leymann, the PlanQK partners Prof. Dr. Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke, Manfred Rieck, Tim Leonhardt and Daniel Herr contributed to a successful conclusion with their experiences.