PlanQK Consortium Meeting in September 2021

For the first time since the beginning of the project, a hybrid consortium meeting of the PlanQK consortium could take place in September. Taking into account appropriate hygiene regulations, the meeting covered a general meeting of all working complexes as well as an in-depth discussion of using quantum algorithms as well as the PlanQK platform.  

The consortium partners met at the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) in Frankfurt am Main on 30.9.2021 and 1.10.2021. In addition to the on-site participants, there were of course a larger number of virtual participants who were able to seamlessly follow the sessions and working meetings through the support of appropriate technology. In particular, the representation of the accompanying research should also be mentioned at this point.

Bild: Diskussion der Arbeitskomplexe im Forum

Image  1: Discussion of status of working complexes


Thursday morning was used to highlight and discuss the work of the individual working groups in the large forum. The work of the consortium is running according to plan, however, the consortium meetings always provide a special opportunity to discuss cross-complex topics. After lunch, two different work streams were followed: In the first work stream, led by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Freie Universität Berlin, the use of quantum algorithms in various use cases was discussed; lively discussion led to further thought-provoking ideas in various use cases. In the other work stream, led by StoneOne, the current design of the platform and its use by developers was discussed conceptually and important feedback was collected.

Bild: Arbeitstreffen Plattform

Image 2: Platform working meeting


The event concluded on Friday morning with an intensive discussion of the implications of quantum algorithms on encryption methods and ways of safeguarding against these risks of using quantum computers. Under the leadership of T-Labs, current experiments were presented and discussed.


Pictures by David Niehaus (StoneOne AG)