First PlanQK Hackathon

In August 2021, the first PlanQK Hackathon took place. On the premises of the consortium partner Frankfurt Consulting Engineers (FCE) and in compliance with pandemic regulations, team members of different consortium partners were able to solve challenging quantum computing tasks in mixed teams.

Bild: PlanQK Quanten HackathonIllustration 1: PlanQK Hackathon


A total of 4 topics were available for participants to choose from:

1. adiabatic quantum solutions in the field of routing

2. gate-based quantum algorithms in the area of risk analysis


4. QML Anomaly Detection

By bringing together interdisciplinary teams, all participants were able to discuss current understandings and assumptions about how to deal with quantum computing. In addition, exchange formats were created in which the teams also had the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of the other teams.


Bild: Teamarbeit

Illustration 2: Teamwork


In addition to the work on the specific tasks, the PlanQK platform was also brought into focus: Based on the experiences of developers, StoneOne demonstrated ways in which quantum applications can be published on the PlanQK platform. This test was very successful, so that the feature will soon be made available to the entire consortium.


Bild: Quantenapplikationen bei PlanQK veröffentlichen

Illustration 3
: Publishing quantum applications on PlanQK


The program was rounded off by a visit to a typical Frankfurt apple wine tavern and the presentation of participation certificates by the host FCE. Strengthened by the knowledge exchange, the participants will now continue to work intensively on the individual use cases and are looking forward to the next joint appointment at the consortium meeting in September.

Bild: Alle Teams des PlanQK Hackathon

Illustration 4: All teams of the PlanQK Hackathon

Pictures by Felix Schiessl (Accenture) & David Niehaus (StoneOne)