AXOVISION joins PlanQK as associated partner

AXOVISION partners with PlanQK to explore the potential of quantum computing applications and advance technological progress in the finance industry.

As PlanQK associated partner, AXOVISION brings its extensive knowledge of use cases in the financial industry and years of consulting experience to the PlanQK community. Being part of the first open European platform and ecosystem for quantum applications, AXOVISION leverages the technological possibilities offered by PlanQK to test and explore quantum-based solutions for clients in the finance industry. 

Thomas Kutschera, CEO at AXOVISION, expresses his excitement about the collaboration, “We are excited about the partnership with Anaqor and to be working with their brilliant team. With our combined expertise, we aim to revolutionize the way financial technology operates and provide customers with cutting-edge solutions.”

David Niehaus, Chief Operations Officer at Anaqor and PlanQK community manager, spoke about the importance of this collaboration stating that the finance industry can greatly benefit from adopting quantum computing applications, transforming areas like risk assessment, portfolio optimization, fraud detection, and algorithmic trading, “This partnership with AXOVISION enables us to lead the way in driving advancements within the finance industry using the strong technological foundation we have built with PlanQK over the last three years.”