Access to Amazon Braket Now Available on the PlanQK Platform

PlanQK, platform and ecosystem for quantum applications, is excited to announce a significant step forward in quantum computing accessibility. The PlanQK platform now offers its beta trial users the opportunity to access simulators and quantum computing backends provided by Amazon Braket, including backends from leading quantum hardware providers like IonQ, Oxford Quantum Computers, and Rigetti. This makes PlanQK the only European platform to provide such access, bringing quantum backends closer to quantum development organizations.

Dr. Sebastian Wagner, Head of Quantum Service Integration at Anaqor, the leader of the PlanQK consortium, shared, „This marks a significant achievement for our team and represents a crucial step towards our mission of realizing a future where quantum computing is frictionless. Now, PlanQK users can reap the benefits of various quantum hardware providers. They can build, test, and run algorithms on different backends, all within a convenient pay-as-you-go system.” 

With the developer-friendly PlanQK extension of the popular Qiskit Software Development Kit (SDK), users can easily create quantum algorithms using the Qiskit framework. They can run them on a variety of quantum devices, and even effortlessly deploy them as services for their customers. This makes quantum computing accessible for everyone, from seasoned experts to beginners. 

Anaqor’s development team is working to integrate more hardware providers on the PlanQK platform to help quantum enthusiasts and developers explore quantum computing’s potential.

This feature is currently available to exclusive beta trial users. If you are interested, become an associated PlanQK partner. For more information, please contact or join the PlanQK open beta at

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