Virtual PlanQK consortium meeting December 2020

At the end of 2020, the entire PlanQK consortium team met in December for the fourth and final overall meeting – again virtually, of course. In addition to the 15 partners, representatives of the DLR project management agency and the accompanying research also took part. This enabled a lively exchange not only about the progress made during the year, but also solved queries about administrative aspects of the consortium work at short notice.




In the morning, the time in the plenum was used to look at the progress according to the project plan in the different work complexes. In addition to the already completed work complex 1, the work of all partners in the areas of quantum algorithms, use cases, platform, access to quantum computers, and community were presented by the respective work complex responsible. In all cases, the work complexes are right on schedule, allowing us an optimistic outlook into 2021.

In addition to the general information in the morning, the afternoon was again used to present and discuss individual topics in detail. After the successful demo during the last consortium meeting, the team of the University of Stuttgart and StoneOne could now release the first prototypes of the platform for beta use within the consortium. In addition to a demo of the features available to beta tester, the rollout plan was also discussed and finalized. In a second presentation, the team of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University presented the processes for the use of quantum computing resources that were decided in the PlanQK Management Team Meeting. Due to the partnership work within the consortium, partners can now use 5 different backends to further develop their use cases and research projects before they then run completely on the PlanQK platform in 2021.