Quantum on Demand is new associated partner of PlanQK

The Berlin-based company Quantum on Demand (QoD Technologies GmbH) has become a new associated partner of PlanQK since April 2021. By combining its expertise in the field of quantum-based chemistry simulation and the potential of the PlanQK platform, the company aims to provide new companies with access to corresponding services.

Bild: QoD Logo

„With Quantum on Demand, we gain another exciting partner and user of the PlanQK platform. The field of quantum chemistry simulation is considered one of the fields with the first industrial usability of quantum computers, so we are particularly pleased to accompany this advance together with Quantum on Demand and our platform“ says Andreas Liebing, CEO StoneOne AG and consortium leader PlanQK.

The text of Quantum on Demand’s press release can be found here: https://www.quantum-on-demand.com/qod-is-a-new-associate-partner-of-planqk/

„Through our software solution, research and development in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry can be significantly accelerated. In addition, our qod.cloud platform makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of laboratory experiments through simulations,“ explains Dr. Marcel Quennet, CEO and one of the three founders of QoD Technologies GmbH (Quantum on Demand). „We are extremely pleased to have found another strong partner for our company in PlanQK, with whom we can develop and publish new use cases in the field of quantum computing and quantum-based chemistry simulations.“