PlanQK is part of the Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021

In the „Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021“, PlanQK is listed as a lighthouse project of the German research and development landscape in the field of quantum computing. Particular emphasis is placed on the focus of the applicability of quantum computing. The Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021 is a summary of developments in 2020 to educate economic actors in particular about global trends.


The complete report can be viewed at the following link:

PlanQK is proud to have earned a place on this list with its work. As one of the winners of the AI Innovation Competition of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, we are developing both the foundation and the platform for building a community around quantum-assisted artificial intelligence. The aim is to create easy access to expertise, algorithms and implementations/apps; especially for SMEs, which can hardly cope with the high investment effort for establishing quantum-assisted artificial intelligence in their business models. The platform is particularly easy to integrate into customer systems due to the simple executability of apps on all common quantum computing providers and the use of standardized connections. The results of our work are regularly shared beyond the consortium and have led to over 40 additional associated partners.