Nomination for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023

Anaqor, the consortium leader of the PlanQK project, has been nominated for the esteemed Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2023. This yearly recognition honours exceptional innovation and entrepreneurial excellence, and Anaqor is proud to have been acknowledged as one of the top 10 innovators in the capital city this year for its pioneering PlanQK platform.

PlanQK is a testament to Anaqor’s dedication to not only driving economic growth but also addressing global climate and societal challenges. By cultivating a vibrant community of quantum developers and nurturing their skills, PlanQK is poised to provide inventive answers to pressing global challenges.

The eagerly awaited announcement of the winners will be made at the end of November. Anaqor is eager to make it to the final round. This nomination affirms PlanQK’s significant contribution to technological advancement. Anaqor expresses its gratitude to all PlanQK partners and the exceptional development team for their efforts in turning the PlanQK vision into reality. 

More information can also be found on Anaqor’s blog: