New Partner and Use Cases: The research and development unit of Commerzbank Group main incubator is a new associated partner

With main incubator GmbH, another associated partner could be inspired for PlanQK. The main incubator GmbH is the R&D unit of the Commerzbank Group and currently focuses on applications from the financial sector, which are to be supported and implemented by approaches of quantum-supported artificial intelligence. 

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Since 2013, main incubator has been researching future technologies and developing prototypes that create added value for the bank and its customers. In addition, main incubator is active as one of the world’s leading VC investors in the financial services sector.

main incubator is the strategic early-stage investor and the research and development unit of Commerzbank Group. It examines future technologies relevant to the economy and society and develops sustainable solutions on the basis of these. The future technologies which are currently being examined more closely by the main incubator are Additive printing processes, cross reality, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, networks, robotics and quantum computing. Alone or in cooperation with cross-industry partners, prototypes are being developed, which in the further course of time could result in marketable products, services or infrastructures for Commerzbank and its customers.

In 2019, main incubator successfully completed a proof of concept in the area of liquidity management together with Fujitsu and its quantum computer-inspired Digital Annealer. The aim of this project was to create a more optimized selection and bundling of receivables from leasing contracts for motor vehicles.

The selection of suitable individual receivables is problematic when securitizing such a portfolio. From an enormous number of receivables, a certain number must be selected, which is also subject to additional regulations.

With this PoC it was shown that it is possible to find an optimum of a selected portfolio. In addition to a higher quality of the selection process, companies can also save an enormous amount of time in the calculation of this portfolio.

In addition, research is being conducted on further solutions to optimization problems as well as on machine learning algorithms, including on D-Wave’s Quantum Annealer and IBM’s and Rigettis Quantum Computer.


Jens Jeschner, Data Scientist at main incubator



Augustin Danciu, Technology Expert at main incubator

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