New Feature: PlanQK Now Offers Access to IBM’s 127Q Eagle Processor

The PlanQK team is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to its quantum software development platform. Users can now access IBM’s  Eagle processor, boasting an impressive 127 qubits. In a recent publication in the scientific journal Nature, IBM showcased the potential of quantum computers with over 100 qubits, competing over a special task with classical supercomputers. This achievement opens doors to tackling complex challenges in fields like materials science, paving the way for more efficient fertilizers, enhanced batteries, and groundbreaking medicines.

With the addition of IBM’s Eagle processor, PlanQK users can explore a diverse array of quantum computing backends and simulators from leading providers, including Amazon Braket, IonQ, OQC, Rigetti, IBM, and D-Wave. As part of this enhancement, the PlanQK team has also integrated Qiskit Runtime support into the developer-friendly PlanQK extension of the popular Qiskit SDK. This improvement promises quicker execution times, enhanced error correction, and a streamlined development process.

Sebastian Wagner, Head of Quantum Service Integration at Anaqor, shares his enthusiasm, saying, „At PlanQK, we’re committed to providing our users with access to the latest technology to ensure a seamless development experience. This advancement empowers quantum enthusiasts to execute their algorithms on a wide range of backends and simulators, addressing complex challenges.

With these latest PlanQK feature updates, users can evaluate their algorithms on different quantum computers to efficiently tackle intricate problems and therefore enhance their code’s quality. PlanQK not only offers a developer-friendly environment with access to powerful resources but also provides opportunities for users to share and monetize their solutions through the PlanQK marketplace.


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