Multiverse Joins PlanQK as an Associated Partner

We are excited to announce that Multiverse, a Spanish deep-tech company specializing in quantum software development, has joined PlanQK as an associated partner. With a strong focus on developing cutting-edge quantum solutions, Multiverse serves clients across more different industries, including energy, finance, mobility, and manufacturing. Founded in 2019 by renowned experts in quantum computing and finance, Multiverse has established offices in Spain, Canada, France, and Germany.Through its partnership with Anaqor, Multiverse brings its powerful quantum solutions to the PlanQK community. Anaqor CTO Michael Falkenthal shared his excitement, “Our core principle at Anaqor is to enable companies of all sizes to leverage the potential of quantum computing by keeping entry levels as low as possible. With Multiverse we have a leading European quantum software specialist who brings quantum power to our community. That’s a huge opportunity that can positively shape the European future of quantum computing.“

Since its inception, Multiverse has already established a notable customer base in industries such as chemistry, defense, cybersecurity, and manufacturing, working closely with renowned companies in each sector. As an associated partner of PlanQK, Multiverse aims to further explore quantum applications within the PlanQK community, benefiting from the growing interest in PlanQK as Europe’s pioneering open, community-powered platform and ecosystem for quantum applications.

Multiverse Chief Revenue Officer Mehdi Bozzo-Rey said, “Our focus at Multiverse is to provide our customers with immediate value by harnessing the potential of quantum and quantum-inspired methods. Collaborating with PlanQK will play a pivotal role in strengthening our position in the German market as we connect with the significant industrial ecosystem available within their PlanQK community.”

This partnership between Multiverse and PlanQK signifies a significant step toward advancing quantum computing capabilities and fostering collaboration among industry experts and researchers. As Multiverse continues to innovate and develop quantum solutions, the PlanQK community stands to gain valuable insights and advancements in the field of quantum computing.

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