Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS) is new associated PlanQK partner

Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS), a Danish company specialising in state-of-the-art computational tools for the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries, has officially become an associated partner of PlanQK.MQS provides innovative computational tools that accelerate Research and Development (R&D). Harnessing the power of supercomputers and quantum computers, MQS has developed advanced computational models and algorithms that enable fast and efficient calculation of material and chemical properties. This allows researchers to rapidly test and evaluate new materials for a range of applications, such as batteries, environmentally friendly solvents, novel pharmaceuticals and biodegradable plastics, without the need for costly and time-consuming laboratory experiments.

David Niehaus, PlanQK Community Manager, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: „With MQS on board, we are not only enriching the PlanQK community with additional tools for the pharmaceutical and chemical sector, but we are also creating an exciting opportunity within the European landscape. Collaborations that transcend national borders are critical to strengthening Europe’s technological sovereignty and creating a strong ecosystem for innovation in quantum computing.“

Mark Nicholas Jonas, CEO & CTO of MQL, added: „We are supporting PlanQK in building an open platform and marketplace at a European level that will contribute to a healthy, competitive vendor landscape. Anaqor has developed a well-designed infrastructure that fits well with the way we have developed our containerised applications at MQS.“

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