Innovations and networking at the PlanQK Meetup 2023

On 28 September 2023, the PlanQK Meetup 2023 took place in the Forum Digitale Technologien showroom in Berlin. This event brought together members of the PlanQK community and offered an exciting insight into the PlanQK project as well as inspiring talks and networking opportunities on an interactive community mile.

The event started with a welcome by the PlanQK Community Manager, David Niehaus from Anaqor, the consortium leader of PlanQK. The first highlight was the announcement by Maximilian Walz (T-Systems) and Michael Falkenthal (Anaqor) that both companies will cooperate very closely in the future to provide the PlanQK community with access to the quantum backends of the T-Systems Quantum Cloud. At the same time, T-Systems customers will get access to innovative quantum applications on PlanQK – especially with regard to ensuring Europe’s technological sovereignty and based on gate and annealer technologies.  

During the rest of the day, those present received interesting impulses from the PlanQK community, including Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Frank Leymann (University of Stuttgart), Prof. Dr Enrique Solano (Kipu Quantum), Frederik Wilde (FU Berlin), Dr. Daniel Ohl de Mello (D-Fine), Danielle Schumann (LMU Munich), Tim Leonhardt (Accenture) and Benno Rott and Felix Zenz (Virality). A special attraction was the interactive community mile, where participants had the opportunity to find out about exciting developments and use cases at various stands of the community members. Not only could contacts be made here, but live demonstrations of Quantum applications could also be experienced. The Community Mile offered a unique opportunity to experience the commitment and innovative power of the PlanQK community at first hand.

At the PlanQK Meetup 2023, the doors were opened to a broad audience. This format aims to make the PlanQK community and quantum applications accessible to interested parties and to promote networking between science and industry in the field of quantum computing.

David Niehaus, PlanQK Community Manager, emphasised the importance of this event: „The PlanQK Meetup 2023 was a great success.On behalf of the entire consortium, we would like to thank all participants for their valuable input.It was inspiring to see how the PlanQK community continues to grow and how the transfer between science and industry in the field of quantum computing is successful.“The PlanQK Meetup 2023 was a milestone for the PlanQK community and offered valuable insights into the future of the PlanQK platform and the collaboration between industry and academia. We are already looking forward to the upcoming event on 07 December 2023 and continuing this exciting journey.

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