Festo strengthens PlanQK Community as a new associate partner

Festo, a globally leading innovator in automation technology, joins the PlanQK Community as a new associate partner. The partnership marks a significant step for the development and application of quantum technologies in the field of automation. Festo sees tremendous opportunities for the company in the areas of Quantum Machine Learning and optimization. Their goal is to further enhance the efficiency and precision of their automation solutions. This enables customers to maximize production performance, reduce production and energy costs, and minimize CO2 emissions.

We are not only proud to be part of the PlanQK Community but also excited to contribute our long-standing expertise in automation technology. We believe that quantum technologies can fundamentally change the automation industry and look forward to collaborating with PlanQK on groundbreaking projects,“ says Daniel Spies, Machine Learning Engineer at Festo.

David Niehaus, Co-founder and COO of Anaqor, the consortium leader of PlanQK, adds: „Our mission is to make quantum computing accessible to everyone and eliminate barriers. Each new partner and use case brings us closer to this goal, and the partnership with Festo is another significant step in this direction.

PlanQK is the first open, community-based platform and ecosystem for quantum applications, connecting developers, industrial users, researchers, and providers of quantum hardware with a platform for the integration, deployment, advancement, and monetization of quantum services. With over 30 successfully tested use cases and more than 100 partners, PlanQK is a pioneer in the field of quantum platforms. PlanQK was initiated in 2019 and has been continuously developed in collaboration with leading universities and companies as part of a lighthouse project funded by the federal government.