Virtual PlanQK consortium meeting December 2020

At the end of 2020, the entire PlanQK consortium team met in December for the fourth and final overall meeting – again virtually, of course. In addition to the 15 partners, representatives of the DLR project management agency and the

Bayern Innovativ and PlanQK at the World of QUANTUM 2023

Quantum computing is a rapidly developing field of technology that has the potential to revolutionize various industries in several ways. For example, quantum computing can optimize supply chain operations including routing, scheduling, and inventory management. By leveraging quantum algorithms, supply …


Cambridge Quantum Computing is new associated partner of PlanQK

The British company Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is a new associated partner of PlanQK. With its approach of an open platform, PlanQK intends to support the international exchange of specialists in the area of quantum-assisted artificial intelligence.


“We are excited

Bild: Digicon21

PlanQK at the DigiCon 2021

Already for the 6th time, more than 300 participants met at the Digicon on 17.11.2021 to exchange ideas together under the motto: „Quantum Applications – How a quantum advantage is created“. PlanQK was of course there as well. Several partners

Review of the World of QUANTUM

Last week, the international quantum community met in Munich for the World of QUANTUM 2023. In cooperation with PlanQK partner Bayern Innovativ, we organised a two-day stage programme with valuable insights into industrial use cases of quantum computing.

We would …

Digital Gipfel 2019

The Federal Chancellor as guest of PlanQK

StoneOne and the University of Stuttgart presented the new project PlanQK (Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence) to a broad public for the first time at the Digital Summit in Dortmund on October 28 and 29. A physical quantum

PlanQK is part of the Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021

In the „Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021“, PlanQK is listed as a lighthouse project of the German research and development landscape in the field of quantum computing. Particular emphasis is placed on the focus of the applicability of quantum computing. The

PlanQK is now a member of GAIA-X

StoneOne AG has now joined the European GAIA-X initiative for a trusted data infrastructure on behalf of the PlanQK consortium. In GAIA-X, initial activities for the future use of quantum computers have already been set up. PlanQK, as the German