Webinars in the 3rd quarter 

Several exciting webinars await you in the next quarter. You will receive the invitations about 2 weeks before the date through our Community Manager David Niehaus. Please also visit our meeting point regularly to make sure not to miss any

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Virtual consortium meeting in May 2020

For two days the 15 PlanQK consortium partners met in virtual conference rooms in May 2020 to discuss progress on the consortium level and breakout sessions were used to work in smaller groups on detailed topics. With the help of

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Availability of large quantum computer systems in the near term

Two of the manufacturers of large quantum computer systems, IBM and Google, have published ambitious roadmaps in quick succession for the availability of systems with significantly more qubits than today. In mid-September, IBM presented its current development strategy in its


SIBB is new associated PlanQK partner

The Association of the Software, Information and Communications Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg e.V. (SIBB) is a new associated partner of the PlanQK project. As the association of the digital economy in Berlin and Brandenburg, the SIBB represents more than …


PlanQK vs. development environments for quantum software

There are a number of development environments (or SDKs – Software Development Kits [1]) for quantum software (see [2], [3]): IBM offers QisKit, Rigetti provides Forest, DWave provides Ocean, etc. The development environments of these manufacturers of quantum computers generally …

PlanQK Konsortialtreffen August 2020

Virtual consortium meeting in August 2020

Also in this quarter the 15 PlanQK consortium partners used virtual conference rooms to hold the regular consortium meeting. After the positive experience in May, the number of breakout sessions was increased again to allow for detailed discussions.

PlanQK Konsortialtreffen August 2020

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Digital Gipfel 2019

The Federal Chancellor as guest of PlanQK

StoneOne and the University of Stuttgart presented the new project PlanQK (Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence) to a broad public for the first time at the Digital Summit in Dortmund on October 28 and 29. A physical quantum


Kick-off in Stuttgart: The PlanQK consortium takes off

At the end of January, the representatives of all 15 consortium partners of the new funding project PlanQK (Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence) met for the first time for a 2-day kick-off at the University of Stuttgart. About