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9. October 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

PlanQK vs. development environments for quantum software

There are a number of development environments (or SDKs - Software Development Kits [1]) for quantum software (see [2], [3]):...
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8. October 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Neuer Partner und Use Cases

SIBB is new associated PlanQK partner

The Association of the Software, Information and Communications Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg e.V. (SIBB) is a new associated partner...
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29. September 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

Availability of large quantum computer systems in the near term

Two of the manufacturers of large quantum computer systems, IBM and Google, have published ambitious roadmaps in quick succession for...
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Gruppenbild aus dem Konsortialtreffen
15. July 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Veranstaltungen

Virtual consortium meeting in May 2020

For two days the 15 PlanQK consortium partners met in virtual conference rooms in May 2020 to discuss progress on...
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14. July 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

NTT Global Data Centers EMEA GmbH: Quantum technology and its requirements for data centers

Not only is the sheer volume of data stored and processed worldwide constantly increasing. The complexity of the tasks to...
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14. July 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Veranstaltungen

Webinars in the 3rd quarter 

Several exciting webinars await you in the next quarter. You will receive the invitations about 2 weeks before the date...
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7. April 2020 / Veranstaltungen, Highlights 2020, Englisch

First working meeting on use cases and platform architecture in Berlin

On March 9 and 10, the first working meetings of the working complexes "Use Cases" and "Platform Architecture" took place...
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7. April 2020 / Englisch, Veranstaltungen, Highlights 2020

Events: The webinar offer in the 2nd quarter

Not only against the background of the current corona crisis we want to keep the community online up to date...
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4. April 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

New Partner and Use Cases: The research and development unit of Commerzbank Group main incubator is a new associated partner

With main incubator GmbH, another associated partner could be inspired for PlanQK. The main incubator GmbH is the R&D unit...
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17. March 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Veranstaltungen

Kick-off in Stuttgart: The PlanQK consortium takes off

At the end of January, the representatives of all 15 consortium partners of the new funding project PlanQK (Platform and...
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