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4. April 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

New Partner and Use Cases: The research and development unit of Commerzbank Group main incubator is a new associated partner

With main incubator GmbH, another associated partner could be inspired for PlanQK. The main incubator GmbH is the R&D unit...
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17. March 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Veranstaltungen

Kick-off in Stuttgart: The PlanQK consortium takes off

At the end of January, the representatives of all 15 consortium partners of the new funding project PlanQK (Platform and...
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Digital Gipfel 2019
30. October 2019 / Highlight 2019, Englisch, Veranstaltungen

The Federal Chancellor as guest of PlanQK

StoneOne and the University of Stuttgart presented the new project PlanQK (Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence) to a...
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PlanQK Logo
1. October 2019 / Highlight 2019, Englisch

AI and quantum computing: 19 million euros for lighthouse project “PlanQK”

15 companies and scientific institutions will implement the project "PlanQK: Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence" under the guidance...
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