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3. February 2021 / Englisch, Neuer Partner und Use Cases, Highlights 2021

PlanQK lighthouse project for quantum-assisted artificial intelligence to be expanded to nearly 30 quantum applications

The PlanQK project (Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence) will receive a significantly higher funding volume from 2021 onwards...
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2. February 2021 / Englisch, Neuer Partner und Use Cases, Highlights 2021

Cambridge Quantum Computing is new associated partner of PlanQK

The British company Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is a new associated partner of PlanQK. With its approach of an open...
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2. February 2021 / Englisch, Highlights 2021

PlanQK is part of the Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021

In the "Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021", PlanQK is listed as a lighthouse project of the German research and development landscape...
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16. December 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Veranstaltungen

Virtual PlanQK consortium meeting December 2020

At the end of 2020, the entire PlanQK consortium team met in December for the fourth and final overall meeting...
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7. December 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

Superconductor vs. ion traps: Properties of different quantum architectures

In addition to the recently published forecasts on quantum hardware development by IBM and Google, the company IonQ announced in...
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Quantum Future Award 2020
30. November 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

PlanQK member achieves Quantum Future Award

During the Berlin Science Week at the beginning of November, Paul Fährmann, a member of the PlanQK consortium partner Working...
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PlanQK Konsortialtreffen August 2020
19. October 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Veranstaltungen

Virtual consortium meeting in August 2020

Also in this quarter the 15 PlanQK consortium partners used virtual conference rooms to hold the regular consortium meeting. After...
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9. October 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

PlanQK vs. development environments for quantum software

There are a number of development environments (or SDKs - Software Development Kits [1]) for quantum software (see [2], [3]):...
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8. October 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch, Neuer Partner und Use Cases

SIBB is new associated PlanQK partner

The Association of the Software, Information and Communications Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg e.V. (SIBB) is a new associated partner...
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PlanQK Logo
29. September 2020 / Highlights 2020, Englisch

Availability of large quantum computer systems in the near term

Two of the manufacturers of large quantum computer systems, IBM and Google, have published ambitious roadmaps in quick succession for...
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