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24. November 2023 / Englisch, Highlights 2023

Festo strengthens PlanQK Community as a new associate partner

Festo, a globally leading innovator in automation technology, joins the PlanQK Community as a new associate partner. The partnership marks...
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23. November 2023 / Englisch, Pressemitteilung

Quantum Connect is leading Austria’s machine learning community into the quantum age

A consortium of machine learning and quantum computing experts – Gradient Zero, Anaqor, QMware and PQML – is launching Quantum...
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21. November 2023 / Englisch, Highlights 2023

Why Your Company Should Have QML on Its Radar

QML stands for Quantum Machine Learning and refers to the execution of machine learning tasks on innovative hardware - a...
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3. November 2023 / Englisch, Highlights 2023

New Feature: PlanQK Now Offers Access to IBM’s 127Q Eagle Processor

The PlanQK team is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to its quantum software development platform. Users can now access...
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31. October 2023 / Englisch, Events, Highlights 2023

Save the Date: PlanQK Closing Event 2023

On behalf of the entire PlanQK consortium, we cordially invite you to join us on 7 December 2023 to celebrate...
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18. October 2023 / Englisch, Highlights 2023

Innovations and networking at the PlanQK Meetup 2023

On 28 September 2023, the PlanQK Meetup 2023 took place in the Forum Digitale Technologien showroom in Berlin.
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10. October 2023 / Englisch

First German quantum cloud: PlanQK is new associated partner of IONOS-led project SeQuenC

As consortium leader of the SeQuenC initiative launched in 2022, IONOS welcomes PlanQK consortium lead Anaqor AG as a new...
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9. October 2023 / Englisch

Multiverse Joins PlanQK as an Associated Partner

We are excited to announce that Multiverse, a Spanish deep-tech company specializing in quantum software development, has joined PlanQK as...
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4. October 2023 / Englisch, Highlights 2023

Nomination for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023

Anaqor, the consortium leader of the PlanQK project, has been nominated for the esteemed Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2023. This...
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22. August 2023 / Englisch

Aumann is a new associated partner of PlanQK

Aumann AG is a leading manufacturer and integrator of special machines and automation systems in the field of electromobility. By...
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