In order to determine the need for action, benefits and potentials with regard to AI and QC in the companies, an anonymous survey was additionally conducted to map the mood and opinions of industry and research on QAI and the necessity of an ecosystem such as PlanQK. You can access the complete statistical analysis of the survey here.

Catalogue of QAI-Algorithms

Within the PlanQK project the current state of research and development in the field of QAI was also examined. Thereby a catalogue of algorithms for QAI was created, which summarizes essential algorithms uniformly and can provide a basis for a comprehensive platform. The catalogue of QAI algorithms can be downloaded here.

Wireframe of the PlanQK-Platform

In order to better understand and test the software requirements of the PlanQK-Platform, the PlanQK project has already developed a first wireframe, which gives a first impression of user interactions with the platform through an exemplary implementation. This allows us to incorporate feedback from the community into the development at an early stage. The wireframe prototype can already be viewed here.

Mitigation Methods for NISQ-Quantum Computers

In order to meet challenges regarding error rates in the execution of quantum programs on NISQ computers, a systematic literature study was conducted in the PlanQK project. As a result, four methods are described in detail, which are to be implemented in PlanQK for different quantum computers and made available on the PlanQK-Platform. The description and analysis of these mitigation methods is available for download here.

Simulator for gate based Quantum Computers

During the development of quantum algorithms it is often useful to check them for errors by means of test runs in simulators for quantum computers. Such a simulator for gate based quantum computers is brought into the PlanQK project by the project partner HQS. It can be freely used and extended as open source software. The simulator can be downloaded here.