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May 03 2023


16:30 - 18:30

Quantum Computing at Work: what companies can already do with quantum computers today

Science, business and politics are largely in agreement: quantum computing will redefine our digital world in the near future. The demands on computing technologies are continuously increasing and are pushing them to their limits, for example in AI applications.

With quantum computers, complex computing tasks can be solved in much less time, or even at all. Complex tasks that cannot be tackled even with supercomputers can soon be computed with quantum computers. Even if the performance of today’s quantum computers is still limited, a wide range of tasks can already be mapped today, from optimal flight routes to ideal robot paths.

With this event, we would like to address IT managers, product managers and developers who already want to set the course for the use of this future technology and open up new business opportunities and solution potential.

Contributions and speakers:

1) Technology beyond horizon. The future of technology consulting through and after AI and QC. | Dr. Sebastian Leder, Senior Manager | BearingPoint

Technology consulting thrives on the latest technologies, their application possibilities, implications and consequences. BearingPoint develops technology consulting offerings, including through partnerships with vendors and academia, to show clients opportunities and benefits. AI and QC are presented in the light of regional networking for use in national and international client scenarios.

2) How to use currently available quantum technology and implement it in concrete solutions with PlanQK – Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum Applications | Matthias Kaiser, Business Development Manager | Anaqor AG

PlanQK is being developed as part of a research project of the German government and is already being tested in an open beta version by around 100 organisations. Users can access a quantum app store, easily use quantum platforms for development and provide specialists with concepts that make quantum computing easily accessible. With the help of more than 30 concrete use cases, the application possibilities for future economic use in companies, financial institutions and public administrations will be tested.

3) The democratisation of chemical simulations: From classical computing to quantum computing | Dr Arturo Robertazzi & Dr Vincent Pohl | Quantistry GmbH

Quantum chemical simulations have been used to accurately predict chemical-physical systems, from molecules to solids, for several decades. However, large-scale use in chemical, materials science and pharmaceutical R&D is severely hampered by poor accessibility, required expertise and insufficient computational power. In this talk, we will show how we are addressing these challenges and will present use cases from different R&D areas that will greatly benefit from quantum computing. These include, for example, battery materials or materials for CO₂ capture.

We look forward to seeing you there

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