Dec 07 2021


13:30 - 14:30

Parity Quantum Computing

The parity mapping [1] translates an arbitrary spin model to a square lattice modelThis allows one to build new quantum computing architectures, where all interactions are problem independent and global gates can be applied on the chip. Instead of programming gates, only the local fields need to be programmed individually, which paves the way to a scalable quantum computer. Recently, we generalized our architecture to arbitrary k-body problems and models with constraints [2]. I will present this generalized parity mapping, its applications in quantum computing and indicate possible directions for error correction.


[1] W. Lechner, P. Hauke, and P. Zoller Science Advances 1, e1500838 (2015).

[2] K. Ender, R. ter Hoeven, B. E. Niehoff, M. Drieb-Schön, W. Lechner,  arXiv 2105.06233 (2021).