About PlanQK

We are developing a platform and ecosystem for Quantum Assisted Artificial Intelligence, PlanQK for short. Users should be able to access a quantum AppStore, developers should be able to use quantum platforms in a convenient way and specialists should be able to provide concepts that make quantum computing easily accessible.

Do artificial intelligence applications also need quantum computing?

AI applications consume more and more computing time. Currently, special hardware (graphics cards, neuromorphic chips) is already being used to cover the demand for computing capacity. In the long run, however, a real "quantum leap" in terms of computing power will be necessary if the possibilities are to be expanded.

Why should the new technology of quantum computing start with artificial intelligence?

In the short term, so-called Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computers (NISQs) are expected, which cannot yet reach the reliability of classical computers. However, AI in particular thrives on the random variation in calculations, which is generated in a complex way on classical computers, but which is quite natural and unavoidable for NISQ systems.


The Challenge: In order to develop AI applications that can benefit from quantum computers, one needs knowledge about the specific quantum hardware platforms and how to connect everything, in addition to domain and AI expertise. This combination of skills is difficult for companies to develop!

The Solution: A community of different experts who can work together through technically useful interfaces, in short PlanQK.

  • Users can access a Quantum-AppStore to select directly usable solutions or can submit new development requests, which are implemented by experts
  • Developers can easily use Quantum-Platforms to extend and improve their AI-algorithms
  • Specialists provide concepts that make Quantum Computing easily accessible even without special expertise